Adapting to Diversity – why your sales approach must be flexible


Diversity is a topic frequently discussed in the corporate world of late. It's everywhere you turn and in all forms of media. But, have we adapted to diversity in the workforce? And why is it so critical that our sales team's approach be flexible? In an era where just about everyone on the planet is seeking work/life balance I am not convinced we have adjusted to this reality – as yet!

It is fact 'traditional' households are on the decline and emerging make-ups like blended and same sex households are becoming the norm. Also take into consideration the multitude of cultural diversity (more-so than ever before). How can we possibly expect our workforces to remain the same? Ideologies have changed, and so has the desire to obtain the Great Australian Dream.

How we adapt to these changes is the difference between sinking or swimming. To understand people and be able to communicate in a way that is both efficient and effective is key to adapting to diversity.

Sales teams are no longer made up of the white Anglo-Saxons. There's a plethora of ethnicity, ages, gender etc. and with the adaption must also come flexibility. According to a UK article about Changing Buyer Behaviour whereby Kristian Bannister states "To remain competitive in such an unchartered landscape requires new methods of understanding consumers and the market. Today's businesses need to understand consumer behaviour at scale, faster than ever before. They need to pinpoint changing buying habits, so they react accordingly. And they need to know about the unseen opportunities and threats, so they don't become the next Blockbuster."

More than ever before customers have information at their fingertips – everything from car reviews to prices on Carsales and the list goes on. Many of you have witnessed customers in your showrooms talking to the other dealer and negotiating whilst trying to bargain with you. Though this may feel like a threat to your traditional sales methods, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to take note and revisit your sales team's selling capabilities. Coaching your team to have a more flexible sales approach has never been more critical to the survival of your business.

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