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My extensive experience within the Motor Industry and work with OEM's and Dealerships allows me to easily diagnose blocks within your Dealership whether they be people or process driven, that can quickly and effectively turn your business around.

When working within a dealer network or dealership, I empower teams and individuals to drive organisations results. This is done by creating targeted modules that strengthen and enhance effective people management.

I will create individual and team training based on our proven programs such as Psychology of Sales, Enhancing and/or Recreating Processes or even understanding how to effectively sell to your ideal client.

We commence with a Complimentary 40 Minute Consultation, where I will establish your key roadblocks and prepare a report on how I believe we can turn your operation around.

Upon engagement, KPIs will be established and we will roll out programs as agreed for: you, your business, and your people.

Our Proven Tools for Change

Induction Programs

It’s all about personal branding alignment with business and product.

Employee Engagement

Creates a team environment a pipeline of leaders and increased productivity weekly sessions over 12 weeks.

Psychology of Sales

What do your customers really want? Are you sales staff listening to them effectively?

Re-create sales processes and strategies

Are your processes really working? Challenge your thinking. Keep your business relevant.

Ready to unlock your potential?