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Empowering People in Automotive

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After having devoted many years to both my professional and personal development I have found my why. In the words of Simon Sinek “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it…” – and how right he is!

My business was founded not just from a passion for mentoring young people, but more so because I’ve seen the struggles that young people face. My volunteer work at Dress for Success Sydney has showcased this for me on such a large scale. Facilitating programs for school leavers transitioning into the workforce, creating Women in Auto workshops to bring awareness and entice women to join the world of Automotive and facilitating workshops for incarcerated women has been an incredible and humbling experience.

Whilst we may live in a progressive world (on certain levels), we seem to have gone backwards in many others. One of the most basic yet relevant of all skills – human connection, compassion and the need to engage seem to be (amongst others) one of the skills that have been left behind. Blame technology, social media, emojis 😊 or the lack of effort required to communicate.

No different to a musician born to entertain, blessed with a voice that deserves to be heard. A mentor has quite the responsibility, to empower and coach people to find their own ‘why’.

It brings me much joy empowering people currently working in or seeking work in Automotive, equipping them with skills they can adapt and implement to both their personal and professional lives. The Automotive Industry is one I love and have been part of for the majority of my professional life. I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people along my journey and it has been through my dedication to their businesses and their staff that I have received the most recognition.

I have created my programs Trainees in Drive and Millennials in Drive to bring the best out of people. Trainees in Drive gives anyone looking to join the industry (or any other sales environment) the tools and support they need to really thrive. We have seen Sales Trainees sell multiple vehicles within weeks of commencing employment.

Millennials in Drive equally brings out the best in your Sales team. We go back to basics and teach them ‘why they do what they do’. Afterall, it’s not just about selling something to someone. It’s about learning how to connect, engage and make a difference to someone other than ourselves.

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