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My Women in Drive Program is about the evolution of women in leadership in the automotive industry. Coaching and mentoring women in automotive to become recognized and respected team members and leaders.

My extensive experience within the Motor Industry and work with OEM's and Dealerships led me to develop this program, seeing so much potential for women to thrive in automotive - and the dealership to benefit from increased customer satisfaction, as well as female client loyalty.

What Can I Expect?

Our journey together will see you transform both internally and externally with a program that combines a unique mix of self-branding, mind mentoring and activation as well as personal congruence and leadership growth.

Our Women in Drive program, helps you to set your goals and visions, and access mind mentoring to affect real change. You will also be enrolled in a 16 Week Leadership Program with women just like you, looking to grow and further their career within the automotive industry.

You'll also be invited to special events and given an exclusive pass to monthly meet-ups and networking events with like-minded individuals, on a similar journey.

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Our Proven Tools for Change

Induction Programs

It’s all about personal branding alignment with business and product.

Team Leadership

Weekly or fortnightly sessions. 16 meetings in total. One on one or one to many.

Psychology of Sales

What do your customers really want? Are you sales staff listening to them effectively?

One-on-one coaching/ mentoring

Structured specifically for
your industry

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