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My 3 main areas of focus are







What makes me different?

I’m committed to creating a wave of change and disruption. I’m passionate about coaching and mentoring people to be successful and reach beyond the beliefs and limitations of their own mind. I often have the pleasure of coaching youth facing challenging circumstances, seeing their eyes fill with hope and their hunger to succeed is what makes me happiest. What’s missing? Usually the belief that they can do it. They need someone that understands them and who can nurture them through the process. Not everyone has the capacity or willingness to do so. Some people focus on the financial rewards rather than doing the work to get it. This isn’t just a passion for me, it’s a life purpose.

I have 26 years of experience in my field. I’ve worked in multiple roles both in dealerships and alongside them. I’ve worked at an OEM level and a corporate level. I’ve mentored and trained sales teams in customer service and phone skills and provided extensive management training to Sales Managers. I’ve worked extensively with CRM systems and challenged service departments to look beyond their CSI scores.

Think about your business; your methodologies, your SOPs, and your training methods – are they sustainable today and beyond? Do they cater for a multi-generational team? How will your business cope in two years’ time when your millennials decide to move on to the next organisation or opportunity? Have you successfully created a pipeline of leaders that will be able to step into those roles without causing a wave of instability amongst other team members?

I want to challenge you to think differently, to hire differently, to mentor and coach differently – that is, if you want your business to remain relevant in this evolution that’s taking place.

Change The Status Quo

Women's Leadership Programs

6-12 participants per group. 12 Weeks in duration.

Team Leadership

Weekly or fortnightly sessions. 16 meetings in total. One on one or one to many.

Employee Engagement

Creates a team environment a pipeline of leaders and increased productivity weekly sessions over 12 weeks.

Re-create sales processes and strategies

Are your processes really working? Challenge your thinking. Keep your business relevant.

One-on-one coaching/ mentoring

Structured specifically for
your industry

Induction Programs

It’s all about personal branding alignment with business and product.

Psychology of Sales

What do your customers really want? Are you sales staff listening to them effectively?

E-learning Platform

Build your own branded
e-learning platform.

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