Have we lost the "Eye of the Tiger"


How is it that a young Sales Trainee with zero experience in retail, customer service or sales, has the ability to sell 14 cars in 29 days? Only two months after attending my Trainees with Drive program. Just 6 weeks after being in a dealership. In the month of September? Are we not experiencing the worst downturn ever? Aren't sales down and costs high? So, what is it? Why can he do it, and others are struggling?

Have we lost perspective? Do we love talking about all the doom and gloom? Are we hiring the right people to begin with? This young man is 19 years of age. Loves cars and just has a passion to make it happen. He had no experience that really stood out to me (on paper anyway). In fact, if I'd relied on what I read, he would've still been doing what he was doing. Breathing in fumes from his old arduous job, drinking with his mates because there was nothing else exciting happening. It's amazing what can happen when your business focus is connecting with people. When your preferred method of contact is meeting someone face to face or picking up the phone to have a conversation. That's when the magic happens. That's when you see that little sparkle – the eye of the tiger. The willingness to really work hard. Talking to someone instead of relying on a piece of paper, what a novelty! Can you imagine how many like this young man we have overlooked? Inboxes plagued with CVs and resumes. Trying to find a needle in a haystack. Trying to find the one that's different to ALL the others!

This young man found someone that believed in him, gave him an opportunity, mentored him when he needed it most. The difference? His hunger to succeed. His passion for doing what he loves. He's found a purpose. "…. No more partying for me" he said, "I just want to make it happen, and do really well…."

We speak often of Millennials. How they've lost the ability to engage and communicate, how they mostly spend their time behind a screen. Are we not doing the same? Perhaps it's time we too focus on human connection. Let's take the time to sift through the noise and look for that hunger - that eye of the tiger.

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