Customer Satisfaction – How to go from zero to hero


Starting my career in what was known back then as Grace Bros (aka Myer), and having completed a traineeship in retail, customer satisfaction has always been paramount to me. Ask anyone who's attended my training sessions or who has worked with me. Giving and receiving great customer service can turn an ordinary day into a great one and a business's reputation from mediocre to a 5 Star recommendation!

Have you ever stood at a counter in a large department store searching for someone to assist you? Or have you ever held so many items in your hand and finally someone approaches you with: "here, let me help you with those" and you silently breathe a sigh of relief?

So how do you go from Zero to Hero? Looking at your CSI results once the transaction has happened is looking at history – which cannot be changed. It's the what we do daily that makes the difference between Zero and Hero!

It's never the big things, it's usually the small ones that create the impact. It's being observant, and aware. Looking for signals. It's not difficult to notice someone's mood. We're all customers, we know how to differentiate bad customer service from great customer service.

Think of your restaurant experiences; ever had to wave someone down to take your order? And you wonder, why isn't anyone approaching, we're at a restaurant, isn't this part of their job? Regardless of how great the food is, I doubt you would you go back in a hurry.

So why is it that we forget those frustrating experiences when we're selling cars?

If you research some of the best companies in the world such as: Ritz Carlton, Harley Davidson, Amazon, Costco, Disney, Netflix they all share some very important customer centric values:

#1. The Service matches the brand

#2. They put their guest first and make every experience personal

#3. They build emotional connection between guests and employees

#4. Employees are hyper-focused on customers

#5. They give a customer focused experience

#6. They show their customers appreciation

#7. They understand their customers and what drives them to purchase

#8. They don't respond to situations, they respond to people

#9. They go above and beyond

#10. They understand what their customer wants

Don't make customer service a chore, take small steps to create and implement change. Start by making the customer the centre focus of your transactions, and you will be on your way to becoming a hero.

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